Excerpt from
by Barry Stewart Mann

Rap, a girl with very long hair
Cap, a well-traveled man
Gran, an old woman
Dru, a lively girl

Dope, a quiet boy
Ms. P., a teacher
Tess, a poor woman
Aurora, a beautiful girl

Setting:  A classroom with a desk on one side, eight chairs in two rows on the other, and a chalk or dry erase board with the words GET REAL! on it.  Each chair has a pad and pencil on it.  Across from the chairs are a desk and chair for the teacher.

At rise: RAP is sitting in the foremost chair, with her hair laid out artfully on the floor.  She is brushing the ends of her long braid.  Silence.  She looks around.  Silence.

CAP enters from behind.  RAP notices him, especialy his prosthetic hook hand, the eye-patch and the sword in his belt.  He walks, limping, toward the front.

RAP:  Please be careful

CAP:  What?

RAP:  Like, my hair.  Didn’t you see it?  Please be careful not to step on my hair.

CAP:  Any more attitude like that, Missy, and I’ll have you walk the plank!

RAP:  Whatever

     (He goes into the back row and hovers.  Silence.  GRAN enters slowly, walking with a cane.)

GRAN:  Oh, me.  Oh, my.  Oh, me.  Oh, my.

CAP:  Oh, brother!

GRAN:  Have they started yet?

RAP:  No.  Nobody was here when I got here.

GRAN:  Well, it’s a miracle that I made it here alive.

CAP:  It will be a miracle if you make it out of here alive!

GRAN:  Oh, my.

RAP:  I’m sure the teacher will be here soon.

            (GRAN sits in the front row.  Silence.)

GRAN:  Sorry about your hand.  What happened?

CAP:  Crocodile.  Leg, too.  Not that it’s any of your business!

GRAN:  Crocodile?!?  Oh, my.

            (Silence.  Then, sounds of rustling and bustling from outside.)

DRU (from offstage):  This way, you ignorant monkey!

DOPE (from offstage):  Are you sure?

DRU:  Stop questioning everything I say.  It’s right in that room, I’m sure.

DOPE:  Well, okay.

            (DRU appears in the doorway, followed by DOPE, lugging lots of bags.)

DRU:  I told you.  You’re lucky you met me.  You would never have found this on your own.

DOPE:  Has the class started yet?

DRU:  No!  Does it look like anything has started?

DOPE:  Well, no, but . . .

RAP:  The teacher is late.

CAP:  The teacher should be thrown overboard!  I don’t put up with that kind of behavior on my ship.

DRU:  Look, I don’t know who you are or why you’re here, but don’t start talking about what you do and don’t put up with, on your ship or anywhere else!  I’ve come a long way, with all these bags to carry, and I’m not interested in anybody’s opinions but my own!