A World of Stories / Un Mundo de Cuentos (pre-K-adult)

World folklore - see main STORYTELLING AND ASSEMBLIES page.

Mr. Bugaboo's Bugazoo (pre-K-1)
A whimsical collection of stories, songs and poems about bugs, including "The Ant and the Grasshopper," poems from Ogden Nash and Jack Prelutsky, and an original adaptation called "Eric Carle's Garden Party."

Smarty Barty's Arty Party (pre-K-2)
All the arts come to life in familiar stories retold, from "Harold and the Purple Crayon" and to "Amazing Grace", with verse from Seuss and Silverstein.

Lazy Louie's Lucky Day (pre-K-2)

Meet Lazy Louie, who loves to lie around and stare at his screens all day.  But after a series of text messages from favorite authors, including Shel Silverstein, Jonathan London, and Jack Prelutsky, he explores their stories and poems and learns valuable lessons about staying active and fit.

Peace Pipes and Talking Leaves:  Cherokee Leaders and Lore (1-5: 2nd Grade Social Studies GSE)
Folklore and lifeways of the Cherokee are shared through the voices of three famous figures - Sequoyah, Nancy Ward and Dragging Canoe - including a creation myth cycle, the Seven Clans, the Green Corn Dance, Cherokee Stickball, and the development of the Syllabary.

Who Put the Fizz in My Pop?  Stories About the People and Science Behind Stuff We Love (1-5; 2nd Grade Science GSE)
Explore the origins of fireworks, soda pop, popcorn and television through interactive stories that honor their inventors and the process of scientific development and discovery.

Shakespeare's Fun House (1-5)
Barry becomes the some of the Bard's most popular characters - Puck, Romeo, Cleopatra, Falstaff, and Dromio - to share their stories in accessible, interactive retellings - a great introduction to the foremost poet and dramatist of the English language.

Chavez and Johnson:  The Parallel Lives of Two Civil Rights Icons (2-6; 3rd Grade Social Studies GSE)

The parallel lives and achievements of these two inspiring leaders are brought to life through alternating monologues highlighting key milestones and accomplishments of their lives, with the use of primary documents and opportunities for audience participation.

From DeWitt’s Ditch to the Golden Gate:  Landmarks of American Engineering  (3-6)

This cross-country journey explores the stories and science behind four landmarks of American Engineering:  the Erie Canal, the Transcontinental Railroad, the Hoover Dam, and the Golden Gate Bridge – with lively visuals, demonstrations and student participation.  

The Living Labyrinth:  A-MAZ-ing Myths of Ancient Greece (1-7)
Favorite myths come to life, including "Daedalus and Icarus," "Persephone in the Underworld," "Narcissus and Echo," and "Atalanta's Race", with plenty of opportunities for audience participation.

First Contact:  European Explorers Come to North America (2-7; 3rd Grade Social Studies GSE)
Partner McKenzie Wren joins Barry to dramatize first meetings between explorers - Columbus, Cartier, and Hudson - and the native communities they met - the Taino, Huron, and Mahicans - with primary sources, authentically-styled costumes, and audience interaction.

Sequoyah and the 7 Clans, from Peace Pipes

and Talking Leaves

"Olivia," from Smarty Barty's Arty Party

"The Ant and the Grasshopper," from

Mr. Bugaboo's Bugazoo


Elementary Level Programs

Marco Polo on the road to China, from

          Who Put the Fizz in My Pop?

Isabella and Columbus, from First Contact"

Narcissus and Echo," from The Living Labyrinth