Space Monkeys and Starry Messengers:

Real Stories of the Ups and Downs of Space Exploration

(Recommended for ages 5-12)

Hear about some amazing visionaries who helped to move us from our earthly home into the vast beyond.  From Galileo to Mae Jemison, from Laika the Space Dog to Neil and Buzz, we’ll sail through the cosmos with stories and poems from Peter Sis’s Starry Messenger, Roda Ahmed’s Mae Among the Stars, Jean Bethell’s The Monkey in the Rocket, Jessie Hartland’s How the Meteorite Got to the Museum, and more.  Science and history will come alive with fanciful puppets and props, music, dramatizations, and lots of audience participation


Libraries and the Summer Vacation Reading Program

How Coyote Placed the Stars
and Other Folk Tales from Across the Universe

(Recommended for ages 5-12)

For ages, people have looked to the sky and seen stories in its many shapes, patterns and movements.  Come explore diverse folk tales that share origins and explanations, such as the West African story, “Why the Sun and the Moon Live in the Sky,” “The Legend of the Milky Way” from China, the Navaho legend “How Coyote Placed the Stars,” and a retelling of the Greek myth of Phaethon, charioteer of the sun.  We’ll explore the mysteries of the heavens through the eyes and minds of long-ago faraway sky-watchers.

2019 Fees
$225 single / $410 double / $550 triple
plus reasonable travel fees beyond metro Atlanta

Marco’s Marvelous Mission
 (Recommended for ages 5-12)

Join Marco Moonbeam as he asks big questions about Inner and Outer Space through some of his favorite stories and poems, including Frank Asch’s Mooncake, Ezra Jack Keats’ Regards to the Man in the Moon, Jane Yolen’s Moon Ball, Douglas Florian’s Comets, Stars, the Moon and Mars, and Deborah Underwood’s Interstellar Cinderella.  There’ll be songs, puppetry, costumes, and plenty of opportunities for young explorers to launch into the performing space.  We’ll have a blast!

For 2018, the Collaborative Summer Library Program theme is "A Universe of Stories"

and Barry is offering three thematic programs: 

Image:   H Kyoht Luterman,