Libraries and the Summer Vacation Reading Program

Ricky the Rockin' Readin' Raccoon

(Recommended for ages 3-10)

"Ricky the Rockin' Readin' Raccoon" and Barry will be rollin' around the state, sharing stories and singing the praises of libraries, books, and music.  I'll feature such titles as Shel Silverstein's "Rock and Roll Band," Barbara Garriel's I Know a Shy Fellow Who Swallowed a Cello, J.D. Smith's The Best Mariachi in the World, and more.  As always, there'll be puppets, props, participation, and plenty of music, and we'll be bangingour drums and tooting our horns about the importance of reading and the unofficial and often underappreciated Community Literacy, Arts, Technology,Training and Employment center - your Public Library!

For 2018, the Collaborative Summer Library Program theme is "Libraries Rock!"

and Barry is offering two thematic programs to choose from:

The Golden Reed Pipe,

and Other Musical Tales from Around the Globe

(Recommended for ages 5-12)

This program will feature a symphony of musical folklore, including  the title story from China, as well as the classic "Abiyoyo" from South Africa, the Jewish tale of "The Hunchback Brothers", and the Aztec legend of "How Music Came to the World."  We'll tell and enact the stories with vibrant props and visuals, singing and playing, and exploring lessons from an array of world cultures.

2018 Fees
$225 single / $410 double / $550 triple
plus reasonable travel fees beyond metro Atlanta

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