For 2017, the Collaborative Summer Library Program theme is "Build a Better World - Read!"

and Barry is offering three thematic programs to choose from:

From ‘DeWitt’s Ditch’ to the Golden Gate:

Landmarks of American Engineering

(Recommended for ages 5-12)

Journey across the nation and the years, visiting four fantastic feats of construction and courage through interactive storytelling.  We’ll dig into the saga behind the Erie Canal, follow the tracks of the Transcontinental Railroad and its completion at the Golden Spike, explore the vision and vigor that went into building Hoover Dam, and end our story travels at the glorious Golden Gate.  History and human ingenuity will come to life with music, props, visuals, audience participation, and more, confirming that “if it can be imagined, it can be built!”


Libraries and Vacation Reading Program

2017 Fees
$220 single / $400 double / $540 triple
plus reasonable travel fees beyond metro Atlanta

Old Joe and the Carpenter, & Other Folktales to Build On
(Recommended for ages 4-12)

Let’s explore the world through folklore, building bridges, walls, and character along the way.  We’ll delight to the Senegalese story “Caddo’s Wall,” about generosity; “The Listening Cap,” from Japan, about stewardship; the Appalachian tale of “Old Joe and the Carpenter,” about peace; and "Deer and Jaguar Build a House," a cuento from the Amazon told bilingually.  There’ll be sights to see, songs to sing, parts to play, lessons to learn, and meanings to construct from the wisdom of these timeless tales from the world’s diverse cultures.

Top Story Builders

(Recommended for ages 3-10)

Join Barry and the handy foreman of Top Story Builders, Studs “da Puppet” Rebar, on a tour of some well-constructed tales from favorite authors – all about how we build and better the world around us.  Stories will include Nina Laden’s Roberto, The Insect Architect, Steve Guarnaccia’s The Three Little Pigs: An Architectural Tale, Eric Carle’s A House for Hermit Crab, two Jack Prelutsky poems and an original Simple Machines story we’ll build together.  From sturdy frames to fine details, these ‘top stories’ will be filled with puppets, props, costumes, song and participation – all on a solid foundation of literacy and fun.