One-Act Plays for Students (click listing under SCRIPTS & ARTICLES tab for script excerpts):

After Ever After

     A group of familiar fairy tale characters find themselves in a class called "Get Real," trying to gains the skills and attitudes they'll need in order to cope successfully in the 'real' world.  (9 characters)

The Case of the Mixed Metaphors

     In this 1940's style detective yarn, a writer is in turmoil when she finds she can't compose a solid metaphor without hopelessly (and hilariously) mixing her tropes; as Detective Nick Sharp interviews an array of eccentric suspects, he discovers that the malady is contagious.  (11 characters) 

On Poseidon's Pride

     Poseidon's Pride is a ship where sworn enemies unexpectedly meet on vacation and share even more unexpected adventures; it is also the fury of the God of the Sea, as he wrestles for supremacy with Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and War.  In alternating scenes, the Olympian drama plays out invisibly around the youthful rivalry, with surprises and consequences for all. (22 characters; for 11 actors doubly cast, or 22 actors each playing a single role)

Over Loki's Laughter

     A companion piece to On Poseidon's Pride, dealing with the dual worlds of Norse myth and a modern ski resort.  --- and --- face off on the slopes, as the Norse pantheon deals with the out-of-control mischief of the notorious God of Trickery.  The mortals are unaware of the immortal conflict around them, even as their adolescent rivalry leads to potentially fatal outcomes.  (32 characters; for 16 actors doubly cast, or 32 actors each playing a single role)

A Skunk's Tale
     Saskia the Skunk arrives at a new school with a secret in her past, only to find that she is quickly shunned by the popular crowd - Destiny Deer and her friends.  This musical fable, with three original songs, shines a mirror on the world of adolescence and contemplates how to deal with isolation, bullying, and acceptance.  (14 characters)

The War Between the Kates

     As their class studies the Civil War, two BFF's, Kate Grant and Kate Lee, have a slight misunderstanding that escalates into an all-out, very un-civil war  - complete with all the historical trappings of the 186o's.  History lesson meets meets lighthearted hilarity in this metaphorical look at friendship gone awry. (22 characters; for 14 actors with some double casting, or 22 actors each playing a single role.)

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"Invert the Divisor and Multiply," Storytelling Magazine

"An Audience of One"

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