Excerpt from


by Barry Stewart Mann


            (At the base of the World-Tree Yggdrasil.  LOKI alone.)

 LOKI:  Thunder-god, I know you will be here soon.  But little do you know there are stinging centipedes in the snow!  (Covers himself, and produces centipedes.)

            (THOR enters.)

THOR:  Mischief-Maker, I know you are here somewhere, lurking in the shadows at the base of the World-Tree.  Prepare to feel the wrath of my mighty weapon.

LOKI:  Prepare to feel the wrath of my million tiny bites.

            (He foists his centipedes on THOR, who itches, dropping Mjollnir.)

THOR:  Ah, something is crawling under my impenetrable armor.  It stings, it stings.

            (LOKI grabs Mjollnir.  THOR writhes on the ground.  LOKI unveils himself.)

 LOKI:  You may be the god of Thunder, but I am the god of Fire.  I have an idea.  What if I shook these mountains, and warmed them with my fire, and let the snow tumble and run down the mountainsides?  That could be fun!  (He runs off.)

THOR (getting up):  Loki!!!!   Mjollnir!!!!  Frigg!!!!  Help!!!  (He runs off.)



            (Loki’s Laughter.  TREY, COREY, and NATHANIEL ski on to a stop.)

NATHANIEL:  Where’s Ian?

TREY:  He’s way ahead.  He’ll win the race hands down!

COREY:  I hope he’s okay.  The snow is starting to feel slushy.  It’s kind of strange.

NATHANIEL:  Let’s go!

            (They ski off.  GINA, CLAUDETTE, and SHASA ski on.)

GINA:  It’s a bit warm.  But the sun has gone behind the clouds.

CLAUDETTE:  Did you feel something?  I thought the snow over there was moving.

SHASA:  I’m scared!  I’m not used to this!

            (BIRGIT and RAMONA come on.)

BIRGIT:  What is wrong?

SHASA:  The snow is moving!  Something is happening!

RAMONA:  Where’s Monique?

BIRGIT:  Wasn’t she with you?

 SHASA:  Oh no!

 BIRGIT:  Calm down.  Don’t start going berserkers!

SHASA:  Let’s get back to the resort!

            (They go off.  ASTRID skis on.)

ASTRID:  This is horrible!  It’s like the mountain is shaking!  It could be a sign that there will be an avalanche.  I hope the kids are further down.  I’ve got to find them.

            (She leaves.  MONIQUE skis on.)

MONIQUE:  Why do I keep losing my balance?  Ahhh!  The snow is opening up!  (She falls, tumbling into a crevasse.)  Owwww!  My ankle.  Ramona?!?!?  Daddy?!?!?  Anyone?!?!?!?!  I’m in this hole!!!!!  Help!!!!!!!!

            (FRIGG  and BALDER enter.  MONIQUE does not see them.)

FRIGG:  Is this who you saw?

BALDER:  Yes, mother.  Poor mortal girl.  This is not right!
            (THOR enters.)

THOR:  Frigg!  Loki has stolen Mjollnir!

*     *     *