Coming Up:

Summer 2019 - Vacation Reading Program Storytelling at Libraries across Georgia, with three new programs sharing "A Universe of Stories":

"Marco's Marvelous Mission"

"Space Monkeys and Starry Messengers:  Real Stories of the Ups and Downs

of Space Exploration"

"How Coyote Placed the Stars, and other Folk Tales from Across the Universe"

For more details, see the "Once Upon a Time: Storytelling and Assemblies" tab above.

"You took us into all the different times of Shakespeare's plays. Strange things happened back then in those days! You had a whole bunch of ways to show people plays are really cool!"

     - Travis, 4th Grade, Atlanta, GA

"Truly enchanting! You kept everybody's attention the entire time. We owe it to our children to give them experiences like this."

     - Mimi, Parent, Snellville, GA

"Your performances today were outstanding! I was so impressed at the depth of information presented in so many varied manners. You succeeded hands down!"

     - Carole, Cultural Arts Coordinator, Dacula, GA

"Thank you for the integrity, fun, creativity and care you put into all of your work.  We in the library world definitely appreciate it."

     -- Darla, Librarian, LaGrange, GA

Barry has traveled throughout the United States, and to more than fifty countries on four continents.  He has ridden in a chicken truck in Chiapas; heard the call to prayers in Jerusalem; seen the early morning sun rise over Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh; harvested cacao in the highlands of Costa Rica; walked the Spiral Jetty on the Great Salt Lake; camped on the Black Sea coast in Crimea;  done Tai Chi in the shadow of China's Shah Tzin Nam; ridden a mule up a jagged trail in Santorini; canoed through the Okefenokee; and searched for sea urchins on the Algerian shore.  A lover of languages, he is conversant in Spanish and French, speaks bits of German, Hebrew, Greek and Russian, and can count to ten in Turkish.  He instills in his work a sense of the common humanity that transcends cultures and borders, and the responsibility that we all share to work toward social justice through the exchange of ideas, stories, and experiences.

     Barry Stewart Mann

Storyteller, Actor, Educator, Writer

Barry Stewart Mann is a professional Storyteller, Educator, Actor and Writer based in Atlanta.  He has been delighting audiences and inspiring students for nearly three decades, and brings a vibrant honesty and caring playfulness to his performances, workshops, and scripts.  A graduate of Harvard University with an M.F.A. in Theatre from the University of San Diego, Barry has performed on dozens of stages across the country; told tales to thousands in festivals, libraries, schools, camps, and beyond; created scripts for myriad classroom, workshop and professional performances; and led classes, workshops and residencies with groups of all ages and backgrounds, from elementary to graduate students, from storytelling conferences to the state penitentiary, from nursery schools to nursing homes, and everywhere in between.

School Assembly Programs, Storytelling,

Drama and Story Integration, Professional Development, Curriculum Design

Barry has been a roster performer or teaching artist with the Alliance Theatre, Georgia Wolf Trap, Young Audiences, Georgia Council for the Arts, Fulton County's Teaching Museum,  Atlanta Partnership for Arts in Learning, Old Globe Theatre, California Playwrights Project, and San Diego Institute for Arts in Learning.  He is a member of the National Storytelling Network, the Southern Order of Storytellers, and Actors Equity Association.  He has taught and led workshops at Emory University, Georgia State, University of Florida, Utah State,  Boise State, Mercer College, and Dalton State, and is adjunct Faculty in the Creative Arts in Learning Program at Lesley University's School of Education.  He was named National Storyteller of the Year, was heard as a regular contributor to the Public Radio Program "Recess!", and was a featured teller at the second Festival Internacional de Cuentacuentos in Santo Domingo, DR.